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With an Industry that has and continues to face many transformations Consensys Solutions provides vendor neutral applications evolving with your organization and the changing marketplace.

Consensys Solutions are at the forefront of innovation, developing modular solutions to address the complex challenges facing the financial industry; adopting a unique approach allowing solutions to be tailored to client specific needs.


About us

Consensys Solutions, Is A Pioneering Software Development Company Specializing In Derivatives Trading Regulation, Reconciliation and Rates Management. We Hold Expertise In The Area Of Software Solutions For Managing Position Limits, Exchange Fees, Commissions and Brokerage.

As one of the first companies to develop an automated position limits management and commission management tools, Consensys Solutions has catered to major financial institutions, hedge funds, brokerage firms, and commodity houses.

With unparalleled industry knowledge, Consensys Solutions has established itself as a trusted expert in the field, delivering tailored solutions and enabling clients to navigate regulatory challenges effectively.

Consensys Solutions’ dedication to excellence, its track record of successful implementations, and its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have solidified its position as a trusted partner in the financial regulation software development space. With Consensys Solutions by their side, organizations can confidently navigate regulatory challenges and focus on driving their business forward.

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Our Products

One solution solving today’s challenges.

The Listed Derivatives Modules (LDMs) form a suite of applications addressing issues currently confronting the industry; providing solutions to automate commissions set-up, reconcile global exchange fees, manage third party brokerage and monitor positions against regulatory limits.

Service Description

Position limit monitoring module, through a user-friendly web-based interface, performs crucial functions in the monitoring of trading positions, emphasizing the significance of adherence to regulatory position limits. 

By facilitating comprehensive monitoring, regular alerts, and intuitive reconciliation processes, this module empowers traders and financial institutions to proactively manage and monitor their positions, thereby promoting transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory guidelines. 

It  underscores the importance of maintaining control over positions within the prescribed boundaries, safeguarding regulatory compliance and mitigating potential penalties.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive & seamless
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Global coverage
  • End of day and intraday Alerts: Instant notifications
  • Reporting suite tailored to client regulatory requirements


Service Description

Commission Management module provides a Schedule Only Solution Streamlining your pricing proposals with branded commission schedules, displaying fees and commissions. It allows users to effortlessly generate accurate schedules without integration with clearing systems while gaining graphical volume and revenue insights for each client, at regional, exchange, and product levels. Access average execution rates of third-party brokers used by clearing clients.

It allows users to make informed pricing decisions and seamlessly publish commission rates back in an automated manner, empowering efficient operations.

Key Features

  • Prompt creation of commission schedules
  • Automated rate entry mechanism into A firm’s clearing system
  • Workflow manages schedules through the process
  • Full audit trail of all commission schedule versions maintained


Service Description

Introducing Brokerage Management, revolutionizing the regulatory finance industry with seamless API integration and DOCS interaction. Our cutting-edge solution empowers you to effortlessly upload third party execution rates into a clearing system. With a user-friendly web-based interface, you may now easily key in and upload third party execution rates with just a few clicks.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and streamline your operations with LDM2 Brokerage Management. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock new possibilities in regulatory finance. Discover the future of financial management today!

Key Features

  • Automated rate entry of third party execution
  • Integrated with DOCS EGUS & EGAINS
  • Rates charged reconciliation for third party execution and give-up agreement
  • Full audit trail of third party execution schedule versions maintained


Service Description

Our Fees management module effortlessly reconciles global exchange and clearing house fees held between you and the FIA Technology Exchange Fee Databank. 

Intelligent Instrument Mapping allows a cutting-edge instrument mapping functionality, seamlessly aligning FIA Technology product codes with your product codes.

Users gain valuable insights into variations between the two data sources through our intuitive web-based interface.

Fees Management module maximizes accuracy, eliminates discrepancies, and takes control of your fee management processes like never before. Stay one step ahead with our game-changing solution.

Key Features

  • Reconciles global exchange and clearing house fees
  • Easy to use interface to query your fee repository
  • Ability to pre-advise a future fee change
  • Integrated with the FIA TECHNOLOGY Exchange Fee Databank
  • Automated entry of exchange and clearing house fees into A firm’s clearing system


Service Description

This module provides the ability to fully reconcile all transaction fees, by creating a complete fee repository, including exchange, regulatory, broker fees and taxes. This repository can be queried for analytics, in addition to loading/integrating with other internal systems that are in need of up-to-date fees. 

Broker clearing and execution fees can be maintained via a web-based GUI or automatically loaded if the broker is also using the Consensys LDM platform. The GUI provides case management reconciliation tools to track and ensure all fee discrepancies are resolved with the broker.


  • Trade Reconciliation: imports trade files and reconcile all fees charged on the trade.
  • Rate Reconciliation: imports rate table files and reconcile all fees setup in the table.

Both the trade and rate reconciliations produce reports detailing discrepancies. Breaks can also be logged automatically in the case management section of the GUI.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date source of exchange fees and notifications of changes
  • Reconcile all transaction fees, including exchange and broker fees
  • Integrate with internal systems
  • Query and compare all transaction fees and track fee issues



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